Welcome to my blog!

Just another average day. Hello, my name is Matt Timmons in case it hasn't been plastered around here enough times. I am a commercial photographer,  specializing in beauty and fashion advertising.   I'm not a typical 'weird' photographer type, a camera is not my soul, it's just a tool I use.  I'm also an avid sportbike rider/racer, an ex-commercial jet pilot, and a very part-time film and TV actor. That's a picture of me above as usual being chased by the paparazzi at a premier, and is in no way a bad composite of me Photoshopped in (cough). This is my personal blog where I like to post up the overflow stuff that there isn't room for on the main site. From time to time I like to put up articles, behind-the-scenes photos of recent shoots, travel shots and just anything that I think might be of interest.  I don't try to be too serious, so keep that in mind as I like to poke fun at stuff a lot.  And I use parentheses a lot also (a lot). So sit back, crack open a cold one, and make yourself at home for some stuff that really matters, and more stuff that you thought you knew but didn't.  It's all good here- smily face emoticons for everyone. :)