I'll start off by admitting that I wrote my own bio instead of making it appear like someone else did.  No one else can make me sound like a bigger deal than I can.   I grew up in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I found a love for photography at age 13 but soon after found another love for music and became a musician instead.  I went to music school in L.A., then spent the next decade playing and touring in numerous rock bands, but ended my tenure in the music business as a result of burnout and lack of reliable income.  Next I became a commercial pilot; flew corporate jets, saw some great things, took lots of pictures but became tired of not having any freedom away from the lifestyle.  I still love flying, just not as a career.  I delved into racing 1000cc super bikes in AMA-sanctioned racing and still ride a sportbike.  As luck would have it I was recruited into acting in feature film and TV productions which enabled my S.A.G. membership.  I still work part-time as an actor and do lots of auditions.  Then, a few years ago I discovered fashion photography was my thing and haven't stopped since.  I moved to New York, fell in love with the city, assisted some great photographers, learned a ton.  I also live part time in New Mexico and enjoy the weather.  Ask me to engage in discussion about quantum physics or general relativity and you'll have my undivided attention for hours. 

Shooting sophisticated fashion and beauty is what I love to do, as well as producing compelling and effective advertising for my clients.  I love traveling and having freedom.  I also love working with fun and interesting people, especially if they know quotes from great 80's movies.  I prefer cheap sunglasses yet expensive clothes.  No known fears.  I'm starting to become a proponent of creating happiness rather than seeking it.