Welcome to the New Site!


Hey I just wanted to welcome you all to my new website.  I decided since it was a new year, I'd rebuild my website with some mighty improvements.  First, all my photos are now displayed in huge, full-screen format so that the quality and detail can be seen.   With the smaller size photos I had before, I always lamented that so much effort goes into making high quality work, yet it gets lost in the small size displayed.  Not any more.  Now you can see every degree of work that goes into the final images.

Next is that my blog is now an "in house" part of the website.  It's just nicer to have the blog right here than having to click and be sent to a separate blog page that's not connected to my website as it was before.

And finally, you have the ability to view my work as large thumbnails or full-size just by clicking on the "Show Thumbnails" button on the bottom left of the site.

I hope you like the new digs as much as I do.  Thank you and enjoy your visit!