Project New Day Runway Photos!

August 2nd, 2010

For those of you who attended last week's Project New Day runway show, you know it was a great event.  Not only for the styles and production put into it, but for the cause as well.  Participating in a fund raising event for a well-deserved charity  is always high on my list of things to do.  I shot the "official" runway photos for the event, and am making the high-resolution images available to the models and their families for $25- and 100% of it is going to the New Day Youth and Family Services.  Check out the online gallery of the runway shots here: If you would like to purchase the digital download of the file, which will be suitable for printing up to poster size, than email me the file name located below the picture (such as PND-253, etc.).    I will get back to you and we can go from there.  A couple of notes:

  • There is a little white rectangle above the thumbnail images- click on that and you get a larger view of the photo, plus there are some forward/backward buttons too.
  • The photos are $25 per full-resolution file- which means you can make as many prints as you want, at nearly any size.  100% of all sales are going to the New Day Youth & Family Services house.  I'll make them a check at the end of the month so I don't have to write a check every time someone buys a picture.  So you are directly helping them by buying a photo.
  • All photos have been proofed for quality (took 3 days), some shots are a little soft on focus, but still good.  Anything that was less than usable was deleted.
  • The runway shots are first, there are several hundred- I got everybody.  After those there are some backstage shots, hair/makeup behind-the scenes, and just general shots of the party.   It was a great event and everyone was looking fabulous!  It was fun to shoot it!  Oh- and sorry about the big, obnoxious watermark on them, you know how it is. ;-)

If you saw me running around with my camera taking pictures of you and friends, then I probably have shots of that too.  Check the end of the gallery for those.   Here's a shot of me and my crew taken by Thatcher Dorn, who is also offering photos from the event taken front of the event signage and also donating 100% of the sales to the New Day Youth & Family Services.  Way to go Thatcher!  You can see those images by clicking here.  I also want to say a big THANK YOU to my assistants Bryan and Sarah for taking some of the extra photos and helping out that day.  You guys rock non-stop!  Had a blast!  More to come soon!