Happy New Year 2010!

Back in town now after visiting my folks for Christmas.  It was an unusual holiday scene this year because A. my folks are renovating their house and there's no where to sit, and B. we were snowed in from Christmas Eve for the next three days and couldn't leave the house.  Instead of visiting relatives and eating a big meal, we had our dinner from a toaster oven.  Thankfully, my Mom is a great cook and was able to make even that really good.  So despite their being abandoned cars strewn across the city imbedded in snow drifts and parts of the city without power, we made it through the "blizzard of ought-nine" I call it. We did get to do some things before the big one hit, including seeing "Avatar" (my second time) which is incredible and doing some holiday sight seeing around the city.  The big thing now that I see is the new LED lights being used for Christmas decoration lights.  And somehow, these people who decorate these trees were able to damn near light every branch of these trees.  Seeing it in person is really something else.

I hope your Holidays went well for you!