Gertrude Zachary Billboards - Holiday 2012.

November 18th, 2012

'Tis the holiday season and  I'm proud to have shot and designed the 2012 Holiday billboard ad campaign for Gertrude Zachary Jewelry.  They have a newer jewelry line (or at least new to me) called "Drusy"  which has an iridescent quality to it where the colors and intensity of the metal changes at different angles.  Very sparkly and engaging, much like a champaign.  To launch this during the holiday season, I designed the concept of a gorgeous lady wearing the jewelry pieces, possibly preparing for a holiday party and gazing out a window as snow softly falls upon pine trees.  Her reflection an afterthought of warm holiday wishes and occasions yet to come.

This board is with the Red Coral Inlay jewelry.  Another brightly textured and polished design with embedded silver.  The concept for this billboard was more of a "Got what I wanted!" theme with a beautiful warm/gold environment and some matching red holiday light sparkle in the background.  Holidays are the times for parties, and what better place to wear your new jewelry than at parties?

Special thanks to our model, Samantha from Major Model Managment/MGMT New York, Makeup artist extrordinaire Juston Paul and my assistant Max.  I hope everyone enjoys the new boards, and have a very happy holiday season!

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