Thanks Scott Kelby for including my idea in his book.

Back in June Scott's book, "Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks" came out.  It's the 2nd book he's done purely on the topic of Photoshop tricks and graphic design.  I had sent him an email about doing a section on how to make fake "star brights" or lighting flair/sparkles that you sometimes see in ads and places where it looks like the lighting has reflected and dazzled a little bit.  I sent in an example of how I was doing it, but I wasn't satisfied with the way it looked.  The way I did it was somewhat cool, but not totally convincing of what a lens does when the aperture is closed down to around f22 and you are shooting directly into a bright spot.  So he liked the idea enough to include it in his book, and with the aid of graphic design super-genious Cory Barker, they dove into how it can be done more realistically.  So Scott sent me over a copy of the book with his thanks, and a phone conversation as well.  You can buy the book HERE and the trick is on page 256.  Thanks Scott for the acknowledgement. CS4