Express F/W '11 Fashion Show and Photo Shoot in Times Square

July 24th, 2011 Walking down 42nd street the other day I saw a runway show being set up in Times Square for the label 'Express'.   I came back for the show, which was in conjunction with a photo shoot for their fall catalog.  I love how productions are done in New York.  Everything is perfected- the sound, the lighting, everything is made to impress.  And that they did.  I'm not the most savvy of fashion experts, but I was very pleased to see the effort in designs for the fall season women's line.  There was a large crowd, and overall the energy was there; with people clapping and cheering for various different models in styles that hit the mark.  I took some shots to show anyone who wasn't there what they can expect to see in the malls in only a couple of months.

The thing is, the summer temperatures that night were around 95 degrees with ample humidity.  I mean it was hot.  The crowd was wearing shorts and T-shirts and wiping the sweat out of their eyes.  Most of the models were wearing coats, wool scarves and basic full winter gear.  They were absolutely baking but still kept their cool on the runway (in December there will be another outdoor show with the models wearing skimpy summer clothes in near-freezing temperatures).

Big ups to Express and the production crew for putting on a great show and for allowing the public access to view the set and to take photographs- which is something seldom ever allowed.  I'll be looking in the mail for my catalog to see what shots made it in (as well as checking the stores for that 3/4 length mens wool jacket that the model was wearing in the shoot)!

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